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The proposed qualifications...

We would like our students to have the qualifications they need to go on to any school or FE college at 16, or to stay on at New School.


Waldorf pupils have been highly sought after at the best local grammar schools post GCSEs.  Our students will be well prepared for 6th form entry to Grammar School. 

We are currently working alongside Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys , ACTS as well as other Steiner-Waldorf Schools to explore the best possible curriculum for our Upper School.


Upper School

From 14 to 18 years olds

New School hopes to have its Upper School up and running in time for its current 9 year olds in 2026.

We will be posting updates here.

We are currently exploring the best curriculum/ qualification options for the Upper School. We wish to balance the finest education in line with our values, and with the most recognisable and compatible qualifications, so that all of our pupils can fulfil their highest potential whether that is going to University to study anything from medicine, chemistry, to the arts or going into an apprenticeship, to starting a company, etc... 

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