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Age Appropriate Leaning

This chart of the ages offers a glimpse into the developmental stage of children at  particular ages. The colours below reflect the colours recommended for each year groups classroom. These colours are often reflected in the wash on the walls or in the muslin curtains.

6 - 7

Children are coming more into their bodies and fingertips, and are able to sit for longer periods with the development of increased memory function. They are deeply inspired by learning creatively through imagination, beauty and wonder. They are able to retain intellectual concepts given an imaginative picture and imitation. 


Children are now more settled and are able to focus for longer periods of time. They are like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, and are beginning to journey out into the world in their thinking. They love humour and solving riddles, and are more articulate and numerate in their concepts. Children are coming more articulate and numerate in their concepts.


Children experience change as they leave the imaginative world of early childhood behind. They are more physically co-ordinated. Many of them may experience feelings of loss or fragility as they feel the complexities of the world more keenly. The security of many daily and weekly rhythms supports them through these changes along with the curriculum areas of self sustainability such as cooking, craft making, gardening and shelter construction or building.


Children are now becoming more individual and more aware of their self and others. They are more ready to engage with the world and often like to argue their point of view. They can be more aware of the differences between people and may be critical of themselves, or judge others. They love to move physically and are ready for strong, grounded and sometimes complex movements. They are ready for more complex thinking and individualised projects. 


Children are now in the golden age of childhood. Their limbs are more balanced, and their movements are graceful and co-ordinated. They are free and agile in their movements. They show their graceful skills in the Greek Olympic carnival. They retain some of the innocence of childhood and are also excited about the world at large. 

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