#NewSchoolClothes & Kit


Regardless of the weather, our children spend time outdoors each day. The likelihood of your child getting wet and muddy whilst having fun and learning is quite high. To enable them to play happily without worrying about ruining their clothes or getting wet or cold, it is essential for children to have appropriate clothing.

  • 1 complete change of clothing to be left at school in a bag that can be hung from their peg

  • Wellington Boots for wet weather and sturdy shoes for outdoor play and woodland walks in dry weather

  • Indoor slippers or plimsoles with good grip soles (children can wear their Eurythmy shoes)

  • A waterproof jacket and trousers all year round

  • A hat and gloves in winter

  • A sun hat and a long sleeved top in summer

  • A water bottle

  • Trainers for games

  • Eurythmy Shoes

We would like the school to be a place where children are not exposed to advertisements or the trappings of self image and consumerism. With this in mind we ask that children wear comfortable clothes in plain colours (no large pictures, logos or slogans). We ask that clothes are comfortable, clean and tidy (no ripped clothes). Shoes should be sturdy and comfortable to support outside play. We also ask that long hair is tied back in the classroom. 

Additional Essential Items

Lower School:

  • Stockmar Wax Crayons (16 Blocks and 16 Sticks) - can be bought from school shop

  • Coloured Pencils - can be bought from school shop

  • A pentatonic flute - can be bought from the school shop

  • Natural Clay for modelling lessons - to be bought from the school shop


  • Stockmar Wax Crayons 16 Blocks