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The first festival of the year is the festival of Michaelmas at the end of September. It is a festival of “strong courageous will”. Kindergarten will also have their own Michaelmas celebration. At this time of the year we find ourselves gathering in the harvest. All children will be encouraged to bring offerings of garden produce and home baking which will be placed together in a display. These are later donated to local charities. After the celebration the children and teachers will go for a walk in the woods. 



The festival of Martinmas is celebrated on around November 12th . The children carry lighted lanterns in a procession to bring light into the darkness of winter.



The Advent Fair is held on the weekend before the beginning of Advent. It welcomes the approach of Christmas with its beautiful goods and carefully decorated stalls. It is the major fund raising event of the year. All parents and friends are encouraged to work together in a variety of ways to make the day a success.



The Advent Spiral is held on the first Sunday in Advent. Parents and siblings are invited to attend. During Advent there are special Monday morning gatherings for the children - a chance for them to share time together and to carry light from the Advent wreath in the assembly to light the wreaths in their own classrooms. The four candles on the wreath symbolise the four Sundays in Advent.


St Nicholas

St Nicholas visits the young children around December 6th.  He encourages children to behave properly and kindly towards others. The children will receive gifts or challenges for the coming years. At Christmas time the teachers and friends perform the Shepherds’ Play on the penultimate day of the Michaelmas term. There will be evening performances of both plays for parents and friends.



The Candlemas Festival festival began in ancient times as a Celebration of Light. It is the time when the little candles of the earth, the snowdrops, first appear and animals first begin to come out of hibernation. This is also a traditional time of preparation of the fields for planting in March and this will be reflected in the children's Landwork class this week. On Candlemas itself the children make an 'earth candle' and at pick up time enjoy a warm drink around a fire.  



At the last day of school before Easter the Easter, Hare brings a surprise egg hunt for the children to emphasise Spring and nature. There are also a fundraising Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Fair on Easter day for the whole community. 



Spring is well underway by the time May Day comes around, and in many ways this day is a celebration of young life and of promise for the warm months ahead. We ask that the children dress festively in bright colours, and please send them in with some flowers that will be used to make flower garlands in their afternoon Landwork class.


National Children's Day

National Children's Day is in May. On this day we invite the children, parents, friends and the wider community to join us for a celebration of young life. There will be an exhibition of the children’s work and they will be also be performing a beautiful dance around the maypole before inviting you to join them. There will be food and craft stalls, activities and games for the whole family.



The mood for Whitsunday classroom festival is one of sharing and of understanding each other.  The children light candles and bring white flowers, white doves flutter in the classroom bringing peace.   Please dress the children in white or yellow and bring in white and yellow flowers and greenery.


St John's - Midsummer

St John's is held on Midsummer's Day or the Friday closest. 

Children dress in fiery colours (reds, oranges and yellows) and at midday, families are invited to join us around the bonfire where we sing songs and offer our wishes to the fire. 

Afterwards, the families join us for a picnic lunch before heading home for an early day. 


Sports Day

Sports Day takes place in the afternoon of the last day of the Summer Term. Children, parents, and teachers take part in some fun races with cherries given to everyone who takes part.

The children make cards and gifts for their teachers. 

The prevailing mood is an outward one, looking forward to the breathing out of the summer ahead.

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