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Progress Monitoring Inspection - October 2023 

Full Inspection Report - October 2022

This Inspection took place during a period of transition for the school as it was working towards strengthening the Operations Team. 

The Board of Trustees were also in a period of transition and relatively new. Due to a number of personal reasons they did not feel able to cope with the pressures of an inspection. Their resignations on the day of the inspection meant that we were unable to show relevant safeguarding knowledge at Trustee level or how the SLT would be challenged or held accountable at that point in time. 

A new and strong Board of Trustees were appointed very quickly. The DBS for the  Operations Manager arrived the day after the inspection allowing him to begin his new role and we undertook immediate training with staff to ensure that they are able to respond with confidence if a situation were ever to occur when the SLT and Safeguarding Trustee were not available to support. 

Full Inspection Report February 2020

Please see the Progress Monitoring Inspection in July 2021 to see how we have responded to this inspection. We are delighted that this latest inspection found that we now meet all the Independent School Standards. 


Progress Monitoring Inspection - April 2023 

We welcomed this balanced Ofsted report. Its inspectors found that there has been ‘much improvement’ in our governance and noted the deep experience and skills of our new board of trustees.

Our rapidly maturing leadership team particularly welcomes Ofsted’s assessment that our ‘leaders and staff are vigilant in regard to pupils’ welfare’.


As the report recognises, we have been prompt to take ‘significant steps’ to stabilise and improve the school and will continue strengthening our governance as we implement Ofsted’s recommendations.

Additional Inspection - July 2021

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