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Julie Summer-Hayes

Class Teacher

Judit Torok

Handwork Teacher & TA

Ivona Karlikova

Landwork Assistant

Jane McCagherty

Kindergarden Teacher

Susanne Elbrond

Kindergarden Assistant

Britta Gregorianas 

German Teacher

Sam Greshoff

Kindergarden Teacher

Hannah Nicholls

Landwork Teacher

Fiona Gauntlett




Beth Cuenco

School Co-ordinator

Patricia Blench

Educational Coordinator


Kerian Brodie

Finance & Site

Saskia Anley-McCallum

Marketing & Strategy

Beth Cuenco

Marketing & Strategy

Peter Kajtar

Management & Strategy


Wolfram Alksne

Site Care Taker

Garbor Torok

Safe Guarding & Site


Sarah Loudon


Judit - Handwork Teacher

I hear I forget. I see I remember. I do I understand. – Chinese proverb


I am well educated, as one might say, after going to one of our most prestigious universities in Budapest. Well, I would say, maybe well-educated enough to realise - after almost a decade of studying law and another decade of working on this field - the significant gaps in my education. 


On this journey towards enlightenment, the Steiner inspired parent and child groups I regularly visited were the first steps - they were refreshing, encouraging and nurturing. 

I was very keen to discover more about Waldorf education and this led me to the Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training Course that I finished in 2016. 

During the course my main aim was to gain professional experience: I started as a parent and child group leader, carried on as a volunteer and became a learning support assistant at the Greenwich Steiner School. 

I joined the Canterbury Steiner School as a volunteer handwork assistant in 2016 and I started to teach handwork, craft and modelling at the Canterbury New Initiative a bit more than a year later. 


I am a believer in lifelong learning and development, that’s why I am planning to do the handwork training course. Besides that, I would like to carry on with the adults’ craft club we run and also with organising workshops/clubs to bring handwork close to children who are not lucky enough to benefit from Steiner-Waldorf education. 


I think it is a unique experience to be part of and I feel the strength of an open-minded and inspiring community as a child, as a parent, as a teacher, as a friend or as a visitor, especially in a world that is in a desperate need of supporting different types of communities and personal relationships.