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When is the Middle School Programme Starting?

We are hoping to have our Middle School up and running by September 2020, in time for our current 9 year olds.


We will be developing our Middle School curriculum and will post up dates here. 

To Register Interest please send us an email

Middle School

for 11 to 14

Our world is fast changing and we have to adapt to suit the needs of today's children and tomorrow's future.

Historically, in Waldorf Schools, students remained with their class teacher for 8 years until they were 14. We assess each class individually. The Middle School curriculum is  carefully designed to meet the needs of the children in the context of today. The learning is structured to enable them to develop emotionally, physically and cognitively. The student's critical and analytic thinking skills are awoken slowly but deeply in a way which feels relevant and purposeful. 

The students are encouraged to think globally and act locally.

The rich curriculum enriched with outdoor, experiential and multi-faceted arts based learning continues. The middle school includes the whole class engaging in a year long theatrical production, individual projects and term long exchanges with other schools around the world which fosters independence and inner strength. 


We intend to develop a unique flagship Waldorf ITC programme; an Innovation Lab where students can use IT to make a positive difference in the world. 

We intend to support young people to become purposeful digital masters aware of the context that technology plays in today's world so that they have the capacity to positively shape tomorrow's digital landscape. 

We are currently looking for partners who wish to support us develop this programme. 

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