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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of children.” – Fred Rogers

Our sessions are designed around the three main educational principles of “rhythm”, “repetition” and “imitation”. The consistent form of the sessions and the repetition of songs, verses and stories help the children to feel secure and at home - enabling them relax into the flow of the sessions.

Children at this age are great imitators. It is their main instrument of learning. We make use of this fact by being good examples in word, action and deed.

Equipment and the contents of the sessions are inspired by nature, offering children the opportunity for multi-sensory exploration. This also allows space for the child’s own developing imagination, enables social interaction with other children and deepens their inherent connection to nature.

What to Expect

When you arrive you will be welcomed with a hot drink. The designated area will be set up with an optional seasonal craft or cooking activity we have prepared for you. You are invited to play with your child, have a chat with other parents or join in with the craft or domestic activity.

After about an hour of the activity and free play time, we tidy up the area with a special song. This is part of our routine and we take our time, encouraging the children to join in. This activity is of equal value to the others - teaching children to find joy and pride in the tasks they undertake. Children are not verbally directed, but follow our example - we encourage all parents to join in.

We then wash our hands using a bowl of water beautifully scented with natural lavender. Then it is time for snack. We sit down on the ground around a tablecloth. We light a lantern, sing a song and a blessing. A simple nourishing snack of homemade bread, fruit and water is provided. We finish the snack with a thank you.


After everyone has finished eating, we join hands in a circle for a ring-time. We greet each other with a verse and continue with traditional nursery rhymes, finger games and seasonal songs. This is followed by a story which is told in the form of a simple puppet play, making it possible for every child to follow and enjoy some aspect, whether visual or oral.


Outdoor Parent & Toddler Group 

from 0 to 5

When and Where?

Thursday | 10am - 12pm


£15 per child + £5 for siblings

New School Canterbury, Garlinge Green Road

Chartham CT4 5RU

If you would like to book for next term please email


Call 01227 730067

Up to date info is always posted here.



As we gradually go through the year, the changing seasons are reflected in songs and verses and craft activities. We strive to make use of natural materials as much as possible with the craft activities. Often children are encouraged to gather materials in the woodland for the craft activity and puppet play.

Deep respect is paid to the natural elements: fire is respected through the lighting of a lantern and the use of a fire bowl in cooking activities; water is used sparingly during hand washing and the earth is nurtured through our considerate care, using only materials which have fallen to the ground. Children and adults directly experience wind, rain, sunshine, and both warmth and cold. With these aspects, reverence for the natural world flourishes and the children’s sense of wonder is nurtured.

We strive to create an atmosphere of calm and beauty, which will give you the space in which to relax, to be with yourself, your child and other parents and carers. It is also our aim to offer an open, supportive space for parents where all parenting methods are respected and you feel supported and strengthened in your important role of parenting.

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