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Celebrating Easter

On the Sunday following the first spring full moon, we celebrate the Easter Festival.

This season speaks to our hearts with its celebration of new beginnings, as flowers burst through the earth in all their glory, lambs skip and prance in the fields and eggs crack to reveal little chicks.

Nature offers us a reminder of the cycle of life - leaves dropping in the autumn, feeding the earth across the winter and then nurturing the growth of new buds in the spring.

A few simple ways to celebrate Easter across this weekend:

Nature Table:

Create a space on your table or on a shelf where you can bring a little of the outdoors inside. Our Easter Nature Table reflects the colours of spring and often includes a vase of daffodils and a branch that holds our blown and painted Easter Eggs.

Easter Garden:

Easter gardens can come in many different forms but can be as simple as a little bit of moss and a bulb or two on a plate or in a basket. Families can choose to add a crystal or two, a beautiful shell or even a little gnome, chick or animal to signify spring.

Here is a link to more information about a more elaborate Easter Garden idea>> HERE

Coloured Eggs:

Tear coloured tissue paper into pieces and then lay these onto an egg that you dampened with water. You can brush a little more water over the top. When your egg is dry, remove the paper to reveal a beautifully coloured egg. If you have blown the egg, you can now thread a ribbon through the top and hang it on your Easter Branch.

Another lovely way to colour Easter eggs is to collect pretty leaves from around your garden and to then wet them and lay them on your blown egg before securing them with lots of cotton wound around your egg. Place lots of skins of red and yellow and onions into a pan of boiling water and then pop your eggs in too. Your eggs will need to be weighted down with lots of onion skins on top, or by ensuring that they fill up with water from your boiling pot. Once you are happy with the depth of colour, take your egg out and let it cool down before unwrapping your egg to reveal its new beauty.

Easter Nests:

Making little nests out of woven bendy sticks, grass or straw is also a fun activity. You can fill the nests with beautiful leaves and leave a little treat of a few beautiful flowers for the Easter Hare. Who knows, he might even leave a little egg or two in return!

Whatever you do this Easter, we hope it you have a wonderful time filled with joy, laughter and probably too much chocolate! Beth

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