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Celebrating the Full Moon

May's full moon, known as the flower moon, milk moon or moon of the hare, is coming this Wednesday the 7th. According to biodynamic principles this is an optimum time to sow seeds or plant seedlings, or just power up with the regenerative, abundant and magical powers of the moon...So let's get started!

Make Your Own Seed Paper!!

You will need:

Recyclable paper (ie newspaper, receipts, envelopes, paper bags etc), three medium to large sized bowls, a sieve that will fit into your bowls, a blender and a tea towel.


Tear up your recycled paper into small pieces (the smaller the better) and submerge them in a bowl of water overnight. Next day pour the water and paper into a blender, add a bit more water and blend. Ensure you have enough water so blender can pulp the paper.

When you have a thick, wet mulch, pour the mulch back into the bowl. Now use your sieve to scoop some of the mulch out.

Next fill your second bowl with water. Place the sieve with mulch into the bowl with water.

Agitate the mulch while it is submerged under water and then let it settle naturally back into the sieve.

Next remove the sieve and let the water drain from the mulch. You should be left with an even film of mulch coating the sieve.

Once drained you can add seeds or flower petals to decorate.

Next take your third bowl (similar to the size of your sieve, if possible) and place it bottom up with your tea towel over the top. Flip the sieve over on top of the bowl, the mulch should come away from the sieve and rest on the tea towel. (At this point you can flatten the tea towel by carefully removing it from the bowl, or leave it curved to create a paper offering vessel) Next allow to dry, you can quicken the process with a hair dryer or by placing in an electric oven on very low heat. 

Directions for use: 

If you put seeds into your paper you can colour a message of good will to the plant spirits, place it directly into the ground and watch it grow.

If you've decorated it with dried flower petals you can use your paper as a centre piece for your nature table, or frame it and hang it on the wall.

If you've created a bowl you can place a seedling inside and bury it in your garden. With May's full moon coming this Wednesday the 7th, it's an excellent time to sow seedlings, or seed paper.

Extra Activity: Full Moon Water

Tuning into the rhythms of nature – the seasons but also the sun, moon and stars – is at the heart of many cultures across the world. 

The Sun gives us light and life, day and night. As ancient scholars and civilisations discovered, the Moon, planets, and the way the Moon interacts with the stars in the zodiac as it circles the Earth, also produce subtle but profound effects  that have shaped our lives and cultures since time began. It’s not for nothing that a full moon has special significance. We know that the moon has an effect on many things. The moon’s effect on water, for example, not only creates tides,  but also affects the movement of sap up and down in plants as they grow. 

Tuning into nature’s rhythms is part of farming life. Some farmers, especially biodynamic farmers, use the stars and the moon to guide them as to the most favourable times to plant and harvest the crops.

Many cultures across the world and spans of time have believed in the sacredness of the moon and because of this the moon holds a rich symbolism and mythology. Some believe that water left out under a full moon becomes charged by the healing energies of the moon. 

You will need:

A glass bottle or jar with a lid and some fresh, tasty filtered water


Fill your bottle or jar with filtered water. Place outside and leave uncovered overnight during the full moon. The next morning come and collect: Wow! Your water is now imbued with the power and energy transmitted through the passing of the full moon. You can use it during a ritual or ceremony, before meditation or just to give yourself an extra charge of goddess goodness. Enjoy!! 

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