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Circular Weaving

There’s something meditative about circular weaving. . A rough how-to guide from the lovely Lisa from Mother Nature: Mother Wild

Forage some nice bendy hazel. You’ll find it in most native hedgerows or often around the edges of parks. Willow works well too if you have access to some. Or I’ve often used holly with all the leaves stripped off which is a gorgeous dark colour when dried out. Wrap into a secure circle.

Use strong thread to create a ‘warp’ (we had fancy gold but inexpensive crochet cotton) and tie in the centre to secure your end. Ideally have an odd number of warp threads on your loom so you get a nice weave pattern.

Attach any yarn to one of the warp threads close to the centre (for the first rounds a thin yarn works well). Weave in whichever directions makes your heart happy. Change your yarn and your colour at will (tie the new piece to the old piece and hide the ends behind your weave as you go). Alternate between thick and thin yarns. Have fun. Laugh out loud when you realise you’ve chosen the colours you’re wearing as most of us do without realising.

Add tassels, a feather or keep it plain - use as a mat or hang it one your wall!

About Lisa:

Lisa is a dear friend and was a parent at Canterbury Steiner School before moving to Hereford. She runs the most beautiful retreats for mothers. I will let her tell you a little more about herself and what she offers.

In my 10 years of motherhood so far, I’ve been alternately a working mum, a stay-at-home mum, a work-at-home mum and, for a while, a homeschooling mum. I know the ups and downs of them all. I know the simultaneous wonder and insanity of mothering gorgeous, spirited children with my whole being. I know about losing myself and finding myself a thousand times over. I know the sometimes need, deep in my bones, of a space to breathe – of time for me.

Combining my practice of holistic wellbeing and coaching, my passion for creating and for the outdoors and my experience of the healing power of a circle of women, I hold spaces for grounding, unravelling and piecing back together.

Through Mother Nurture Mother Wild, I offer day and weekend retreats in beautiful nature-based settings for every kind of mum to come and feel held.

I also offer coaching & mentoring; working with Mums who need support to find space for themselves and their own needs, amidst the busy of family life.

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