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Drawing Lesson 3

Dear Linden, Rowan and Maple class

This week I would love you to draw a landscape for me. It doesn’t have to be the same as mine but I would like to see a rainbow in the sky please. Also I would like you to use the King side of your blocks for all the background.

I began my drawing with the dark red, quite lightly at first near the centre of the page and then surrounded it with dark yellow on the right-hand side and then the light yellow. The light yellow took me to the edge of the page on the right about half way down the page where I started to bring in the green. The green circled round the bottom of the paper and then became the dark green and finally the blue. A colour circle. Make sure all the colours overlap so that the red mixes with the yellow, the yellow with the green, the green with the blue and the blue with the purple. Finally, the purple mixes with the red at the top of the circle.

After that I put in the mountain side, then some trees, some clouds in the sky, some water and waves and some rain. Lastly I put in the rainbow.

Once you have your colour circle you can draw anything you like. It doesn’t have to be the same as mine if you would rather draw some thing else but I really want to see the landscape please.

When you have finished please ask your parents to email your drawing to

I am really looking forward to seeing them! Mrs May

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