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Drawing Lesson Two

Dear children of Linden, Rowan and Maple classes,

Last year, or perhaps it was the year before, I told many of you the story of Fenist the Falcon. I’m sure that most of Linden class and most of Rowan class will remember it because it is a wonderful story. Some of Maple class will remember it too but new children in every class may not have heard it. Parents can find the story online HERE

I have drawn a picture from the story. I wanted to draw the falcon in the night sky and the maiden at her window waiting for him to come to her. You can draw this picture or another that the story has inspired within you.

Please remember the 3 steps:

1st colour, 2nd form, 3rd detail

First I just put in light blue all over the blackboard. But air is moved by the wind so I wanted that feeling of movement. (colour)

Next I drew the falcon high up in the sky: followed by the house and the maiden at an open window. (forms)

After that I put in the details: I darkened the sky and added stars. I put more feathers on the falcon, gave him an eye and a beak. I drew the mountains and a little town far below with twinkling lights.

I didn’t give the girl many details – collar, belt, buttons or necklace but you could if you wanted to.

And if you wanted to draw a different picture from the story, that would be fine too. But please keep your drawing so that I can see it later.

Mrs May

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