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Growing Happiness, Health & Hope

Last term, as part of our Landcare offer, we sent seeds home with each child. The younger children had sunflower seeds and the older children had herb seeds that once grown will become the herb spiral that they have been preparing at school. Herbs can be fun plants to grow - they connect with the senses, provide flavour for our food, offer health benefits and attract pollinators!

The herb spiral one of the things we have been looking forward to creating at the school. A herb spiral offers a variety of growing conditions within one small area. Water flows downwards ensuring that the soil at the top of the spiral stays drier than soil farther down. Herbs that require sun and good drainage, such as rosemary, lavender, and thyme are planted near the top. Midway down the spiral are plants that require a bit more moisture such as sage, basil and cilantro. The lowest section is best for parsley, chives and mint, which need ample water and can grow in light shade offered by the upper levels.

Here are some of the pictures sent in by our children who have been nurturing the seeds across the last few weeks.

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