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It's all in a logo!

The New School logo is inspired by the ensō ( circle). If you actually took the meanings of the two Kanji symbols that make up the word 'ensō' they translate as Circle of Togetherness. The ensō circle is always hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

The ensō circle can be open or shut. The open ensō leaves room for the spirit to flow in and out of the circle; allowing it to breathe. Breath and emptiness are essential ingredients for meditation, contemplation and the creation of a spiritual life. 

It is a symbol that combines the visible and the hidden, the simple and the profound, the empty and the full. The very imperfections and contours of the ensō, which must be painted by human hand suggests to the student to stop striving for perfection and allow the universe to be as it is - to abandon the idea that there is a one size fits all path that ends at some specific point, place or time and instead to embrace and enjoy their unique experiences on life’s journey.

As soon as we saw the ensō shape, we felt it had the depth and symbolism that represented the Vision and Values of New School, Canterbury.

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