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Make Your Own: Recycled Paper Mache Candle Holder!

You will need:

Cardboard, waste paper, masking tape, scissors, newspaper, flour, water and a large bowl.


Use scissors to cut two shapes from the cardboard. This will be the base of your candle holder as well as the wax catcher and can be any shape you choose: circle, square, triangle, star as long as the sides are even to ensure balance, especially for your base. 

Next take your waste paper and wrap it tightly around your candle. Use the masking tape to hold the paper firmly in place. This will give shape to the candle holder itself. 

Next remove your candle and use masking tape to attach both the base and

wax catcher to the waste paper tube. Set aside. 

Then take a large bowl and mix one part flour and one part water (this could be 1/2 cup of each or one cup of each depending on how much paper mache you'd like to have). Mix the flour and water together to form a paste, if its too thick just add a bit more water. Set aside and access your newspaper. 

Tear the paper into small pieces or strips. Place them into the mixture until soaked through. Take the small, soaked pieces and begin to cover your candle stick holder. This can be done however you like so get creative and experiment! Once you have covered the candle stick holder on all sides and its nice and thick, set aside to dry. Allow 8 hours or overnight to dry and you're ready to paint. Again you can use your imagination and go wild! 

The candle stick holder can be used as a centre piece at your dinner table or as an addition

to your nature table. But remember: never light a candle or use fire without an adult present. Enjoy and please share your results!

Be well, take care and all the best!!

Mr. Reynolds

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