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Make Your Own: Wildflower and Leaf Mandala!

You will need:

Wildflowers, Leaves, Hammer, Wax Paper, Natural Cloth or Ordinary Paper and a flat, hard surface.

Wildflowers are now in bloom across Kent: bluebells, dandelions, fen violets, wild daffodils, saw-wort, creeping buttercups, honesty, greater knapweed, flowering rush, bogbean and more!

*Please be careful not to select any poisonous flowers when working with children and be mindful of the forager’s law and only pick 10% of what you find. The bees and other creatures need the other's for their food and survival.


Collect wildflowers and leaves of your choosing and arrange these in a geometric, circular pattern. This can be as loose and free as you like!!

Mandalas (Sanskrit for “circle”) are found in spiritual traditions the world over and are used as a tool for focusing the mind. The practice of constructing one can be a calming meditation itself!

To Print Your Mandala:

Arrange your Mandala on cloth or paper. If using cloth it is important that it is a natural material and it is often a good idea to wash the material first to remove any oils. This helps the colour to stay fast. Place wax or grease proof paper over the top and gently pound the hammer onto the flowers and leaves. For more precise prints, start at the centre of each flower of leaf and gentle work out to the edges being careful not to disturb your arrangement. This pounding will release the lovely pigments within the flowers and allow you to enjoy a spring Mandala year round!

You can do this on a fabric bag or on a cloth that can later be hung on the wall. If you are doing this on paper, you can later make it into a beautiful card.

️Mr. Reynolds 

This Image: Rebecca Desnos (Pinterest)

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