Robin Harris - Chair of the Governors
I was born in South Africa in 1945 and moved to England with my family in 1991. I have a degree in Business Economics and until my retirement this year I had been in business for over 50 years. My working life included working in a corporate environment, running my own businesses and acting as  business turnaround specialist in South Africa and in the UK.  

I am married to Meridy and have four children, two of whom, Amanda and Lance, attended Perry Court Steiner School from 1991 to1999. I served on the School Board for 6 years and was fully involved in the life of the school. My oldest son, Dallas, and my wife, Meridy both taught at the school and my grandchildren, Gemma and Joshua, attended the school for several years.   

My interest in the Canterbury New School comes from the very positive experience that my family had during the time that my children attended Perry Court School. They both had the benefit of a rich Waldorf education which provided them with an excellent foundation for life. For us it was very sad to witness the decline of the school which for many years had provided its pupils with a vibrant, nurturing and dynamic education. As a result, my grandchildren did not have the same experience. It is my sincere wish that this new initiative will offer its pupils and their families the excellent educational experience which my two children enjoyed in the 1990’s.