Saskia Anley-McCallum - Governor

 I grew up in Jamaica, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong and after University in London, spent 5 years working as an experiential educator for Outward Bound in the USA where I ran educational adventures for children and adults in both wilderness and urban settings as well as training NYC Public High School Teacher’s in the art of Experiential Teaching, communications and teamwork.

I then moved to London and spent 10 years as a film director and producer making films for over 30 Blue Chip companies from L’Oreal to HSBC. 

I did my Steiner Teacher Training course in Edinburgh in 2002 and went on to make over 12 films for Steiner and other alternative schools including the film; 'What is a Steiner School?’ 

In 2006 I moved to the French Alps and set up La Source, the first Eco Lodge in the Alps which became a thriving retreat centre offering yoga, climbing and skiing holidays and retreats. I sold the Eco Lodge in 2011 but continue to run unique Family Holidays to the Alps… I also run a small property letting business which gives me the resources to put the majority of my time into passion projects.

My dream, from a young age, has always been to set up a pioneering eco school and I am extremely excited about the opportunity to start up a truly visionary Waldorf school that enables children growing up in the 21st C to be self fulfilled, passionate and able to build the shared future we all want.