Flo Bouzekria

Handwork Teacher

I went through the education myself and have always been grateful for the skills I learnt as a child at the Steiner school. Making my own fancy dresses to attend balls as a teenager, knitting to pass the time and crafting gifts. When I had my own children I knitted jumpers and made quilts, and found myself turning my hand to any new project that looked exciting. It was a way to find peace, creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

While childrearing is often endless and hectic, needlework and knitting are ordered, but creative, repetitive and novel. You can lose yourself in textures and colours and be grounded by the humble beginning of natural fibres.

To pass on the skills, and the excitement of being able to make with your own hands is exciting. There are endless opportunities for children to feel empowered by creating.

I believe handwork can be a great way to build confidence in a child, even if their knitting is wonky they can excel in sewing, or crochet. It is also very grounding.
Handwork compliments all the children's other academic learning. It is human history, technological advancement, it is maths, learning patterns, geometry, geography and science. It is also sociology and psychology and so much more.

I want every child to feel seen for their uniqueness. To foster a sense of celebration in difference and diversity and openness. I want all the children, especially those who would claim they are not good at Handwork to discover and explore what they are good at and build their confidence.