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‘My daughters are both flourishing since they started at Canterbury New School. We had such a negative experience at their former school so to see them regain their confidence and sparkle again is so wonderful. The gentle, unhurried approach to learning gives them the chance to absorb and enjoy each subject at their own individual pace. It is a joy to see them so happy and relaxed in such a beautiful, nurturing environment. We have our children back!’ - 

— K. Baxter

"I have a deep gratitude for the school as it nourishes and instills such a joy for learning and sense of meaning and purpose for our children. As someone who never wanted to go to school, I am constantly amazed to see our children always wanting to go to school with such enthusiam and happiness"

— C. Kemsley

“There is something different about Waldorf students and it's something about their sense of self, their  inner strength and their freedom to to what they feel they are meant to do.”

— Greg Hanford, LSE Student

“I have been to state, independent and Waldorf Schools and the major difference is care. At Waldorf Schools you feel so much more love and less stressed and you end up in the same Uni's and jobs as everyone else just with more skills and inner peace.”

— Miki McCallum, UCA Student

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