The New School Day

As soon as we receive our Official Independent School Registration we will be offering 2 Lower School Classes. There will be a combined Class for 6 to 8 year olds (Rowan) and a combined Class for 8 to 10 year olds (Linden). In the meantime, please come and visit our Pilot Initiative or Register Interest.


School Drop Off. The Children are dropped off and thier teacher welcomes them into their class.


Each day begins with Main Lesson taught by their Class Teacher. The Main Lesson is taught in blocks of 3 or 4 weeks with each block focusing on a different strand of the curriculum like numeracy, literacy, Fables, Farming etc.  


Snack and Outdoor Play


 Two 45 minute subject lessons like languages, modelling, music, games, additional maths and literacy




Activities such as Forest School, Landwork, Handwork and Stories


Pick up Time

Drop off & Pick Up

In the morning parents drop children at the door to the building where they are greeted by their Class Teacher. 

Parents meet children at the door to the building. The teacher says goodbye to each child individually before handing them over the care of their parents. If you need someone else to pick up your child this must be arranged through the office. The teacher will be notified and the person picking up your child will be given a code to give to the teacher on duty. 


If you child cannot attend school, please email the office on 

Pack Lunch

Parents need to provide their children with a mid morning snack and a pack lunch (for those staying for the afternoon workshops). These should be wholesome and nutritious. No sweets, chocolates, crisps or fizzy drinks please! 

The Cultural Centre

The Cultural Centre is open every day between 8:30 and 15:00. It is a warm space with tea, coffee and normally cake where you can meet other parents or enjoy any of the books in our library. There is also a play area for younger children. You are very welcome to use this space. 

Occasionally it will be booked out for activities or meetings.