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St John's Fire | Midsummer

On St John's Day each year we celebrate Midsummer with a fire to symbolise the height of the summer sun. The children wear reds, yellows and all the colours of the fire and sing songs to welcome the long hot summer ahead.

In the lead up to this festival we learn songs that we sing each year and create beautiful wishes for the people and world around us. On the day, the children place their beautiful wishes on the fire and watch them as they are released into the heavens above.

For adults and older children St John's is a day when we let go of whatever no longer serves us and set our intentions for what we would like to bring into our lives for the rest of the year.

For those who will be celebrating this at home:

You too can make your wish and have your own midsummer fire at home or hang it in a window as a beautiful reminder of your hopes and dreams.

Decorate a rectangular piece of paper with your wishes, hopes, dreams, beautiful colours and pictures. Fold your rectangular piece of paper lengthways using a concertina fold. Each strip should be approx 1cm wide. Fold the strip in half and secure with a piece of wool, ribbon or string.

If you do have a fire, make sure you have water close by and always have an adult with you. Enjoy St John's Day!

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