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Imagine Loving Learning

New School inspires a love of learning and has each child's wellbeing at its heart. We nurture creative, compassionate, critical thinkers ready to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities within our changing world.


New School Core Values


Mutual Respect

I will treat others with respect at all times and can expect to be treated with respect by others, at all times.  



Kindness is how we treat ourselves, others, and our environment, every day.  Through everyday acts of kindness we create an environment within which people feel confident, cared for and supported.


Best Effort

I will do my best. This applies to my work and my interactions with others. By doing my best, at all times, I can feel proud of who I strive to be and feel that my contribution to the community is of great value.


Attentive Listening

 When another is speaking, I listen with my whole self, not just my ears. I listen for the feelings and emotions that are behind words and am awake to what we often need to hear in the silence.



We honour our own safety and the well being of others.

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