Governance Structure

"The quality of the of the results we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness, attention or consciousness that the participants in the system operate in."

— Otto Scharmer, U-Lab

Dates for Trustee Meetings 2020 - 2021

Michaelmas term 2019 – Monday 14th October 7 – 9pm


Michaelmas term 2019 – Monday 9th December 7 – 9pm


Spring term 2020 –Monday 10th February 7 – 9pm


Spring term 2020 – Monday 23rd March 7 – 9pm


Summer term 2020 – Monday 18th May 7 – 9pm


Summer term 2020 – Monday 6th July 7 – 9pm

Values & Vision
Vision & Values
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We are a registered educational charity no. 1180996


The school trustees are all volunteers acting in service to the Schools Vision and Values. They appoint the School Leadership Support Team to carry out the day to day running, ensuring high standards in every area from the education to safe guarding. They operate in a spirit of transparent 'leadership in service' fostering an inclusive environment, and efficient and self reflective working practices. They keep the teachers, staff, parents and community informed within the school's clear boundaries and structures as outlined in the policies.


Meet The Trustee Team

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