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Waldorf Schools have a good reputation for caring for the whole child and helping them realise their own unique potential. This has been supported and enhanced by the implementation of government legislation with which we work. As in any other school, every staff member is responsible for the wellbeing of pupils, and they are supported by the Support Team who have specialised areas of expertise.


As a school, we have a responsibility to support all areas of our pupil’s wellbeing and safety. ​The Class Teachers share information about the children in their Class at our weekly meetings to ensure that there is a joined up approach to supporting the children in our care.


Fortnightly Wellbeing Meetings bring together Teachers, the Support Team, the Diversity & Inclusion Team, and the Safeguarding team. Each has a duty towards pupil wellbeing but work together so that as much as possible of the children’s situation is understood and so that our children are supported to the best of our collective ability. 

An additional component of our support is the Child Study, during which the teachers and support team carefully look at one child, and then discuss observations during two weekly meetings. Across this two week period, the whole team will hold the child in our thoughts. The primary purpose of the Child Study is to deepen our understanding of the children in our care - to look beyond the surface behaviours and emotions and to ensure we are providing the very best support we can. We look at each child, taking each in turn.


The School’s role in this is to work with parents, carers, children and outside agencies to make sure that we are doing as much as we possibly can to support children, within the limited means we have. Kindergarten Teachers and Class Teachers are the Lead Professionals to whom parents turn for advice or to raise a concern, however if for any reason this is not appropriate, a concern can be raised with the headteacher. As an Independent School, we cannot access all the facilities provided by Local Authorities, but we do work closely with KCC and also have a unique understanding of the children in our care and access to our own specialised support.

If you have a wellbeing concern please write a note or an email to the relevant Class Teacher. The Class Teacher will then complete a Wellbeing Form, file them in the child’s educational file and bring the issue to our Wellbeing Team meetings.  


As a team we are apprised of all Child Protection cases. Therefore please don’t hesitate to speak with any of us about any concern.


Getting in touch:

Please feel free to stop us for a chat, arrange a meeting, hand in a sealed envelope with information into the office or hand it to us directly or email us. All allegations brought to the School’s attention are taken seriously. 

Eyes and Ears Boxes: These padlocked postboxes can be used by any child or adult, and can raise any concern. They can be signed or anonymous. Situated at the entrance to the school and at the entrance to both school buildings, they are emptied each day. Please put Child Protection concerns in sealed envelope and mark them CONFIDENTIAL. 

Safeguarding Team: 

Designated Safeguarding Lead | Thomas Kohler

Deputy Safeguarding Lead | Beth Cuenco



For more information, do check out our Policies HERE

Inclusion and Diversity


"The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection and when in the community the virtue of each one is living." - Steiner 




The School does not condone bullying under any circumstance, be it physical or psychological in nature. Any report of an incident of bullying, whether from a child, a concerned parent/carer or a member of staff, will be taken seriously. Any child who sees or hears another child being bullied is encouraged to report it to their child's Class Teacher or a Safeguarding Lead.


All teachers have responsibility to initially investigate every reported incident and to inform Kindergarten Teachers or Class Teachers. After this initial investigation it will be decided whether the incident should be reported to the Safeguarding Team. 

It is the responsibility of Kindergarten Teachers and Class Teachers to do their utmost to stop any bullying which they become aware of in their Class. The manner in which each case is dealt with will depend on the circumstances and the individual children involved, but the above principles should be adhered to at all times.





New School recognises and has regard for each child’s religious background, ethnic origins, and cultural and linguistic background, so that each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender prejudice.


We recognise that work needs to be done to make our curriculum more diverse and our environment more inclusive. This work is being undertaken by the Waldorf Movement as a whole alongside teachers and leadership teams within each school. Flo Bouzakeria and Patricia Romano are our Diversity Leads within the school. 

Support Team

The Support Team is a team is made up of a group of specialists come into School on a part time basis to offer tutoring and other supportive work. Specialists within this department include Eve and Caroline from Compass Rose (Eurythmy Therapists), Carrie who offers Rythmical Massage Therapy, Gemma who is an Art Therapist, and Georgie who is a Speech and Language Specialist. 


Kindergarten Teachers, Class Teachers and Guardians consider all pupils in their Class and work with parents and Pupil Support to provide any additional support a child may need. This could vary from a very minor adjustment to some specialised help – due to a health, social or learning difficulty. 


Pupil Support Plans / Individual Education Plans are created after meeting together and sharing information, ensuring that parents and pupils are included in planning and kept informed of progress. Most of the time, these are created by the child or young person’s Kindergarten/Class Teacher, who is the Lead Professional, but if specialists within the School are providing additional support, these plans are coordinated by Georgie,  our Education Support Advisor. If additional support out of the normal class setting is required, this will normally happen during the school day and will be planned to cause as little disruption to the pupil’s timetable as possible, and in negotiation with teacher and parent.


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