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What is a Nature Table?

A place to follow the changing seasons, a nature table can be used to mirror the outside world on a table or in a cosy corner of your home. This creative pastime encourages us to live in harmony with the natural rhythms of the world.

For many children in today’s society their connection to nature and the passing of the seasons is in danger of being lost. The nature tables provides this beautiful connection to the nature and the changing seasons as children observe the display evolving across the year.

New treasures found on walks, such as a stone, an acorn, wild flowers can be added each day, while other items can be taken away as they wilt and fade. In this way, the table can naturally progress from one season to the next, reflecting the rhythm of the year.

We will be sharing how you can make some little characters and use other crafts to add things to the nature table that you make at home.

The nature tables below are all from our May Tree Kindergarten

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