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Ascension Day

Ascension falls when the season of blossoming comes to the full. Trees and plants, stirring upwards in growth, have been touched by the warmth and light from above and show the blessing of the Heavens through the colour and scent of their blossoms.  The whole of Nature reaches upwards towards the heights. The feeling and longing of the human soul strives upward in unison with the plants and blossom, seeking the touch of the warmth from the sun. 

The mood of Ascension arises spontaneously in the realms of the plants, amongst the animals and in the souls of human beings.  However earthbound our interests are at other seasons, at this time we naturally become aware of the heights. The light comes towards us in the weaving air and we yearn to fill ourselves with the treasure of its warmth, to enjoy the scintillations of colour and catch the drifting scents.  Our hearts turn heavenward in the natural mood of early summer.

To celebrate this we invite you to make and decorate your own beautiful kite to send up into the skies.

You will need:

  • Stiff card

  • Brightly coloured tissue paper

  • Glue

  • String

  1. Cut out diamond shapes from the stiff cards

  2. Cut out two triangle shapes from the diamond

  3. Then colour both triangles with brightly coloured tissue

  4. Make a tiny hole at the top of the smaller triangle and then thread the string through

  5. Decorate the kite with a tail if preferred

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